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All testing Clients must have at least one information gathering (Intake) session, one testing session, and one post-test results interpretation session. 1st and last sessions are billed separately.

IQ Test - Session - $200

This IQ test is quick (and affordable) and offers a reliable measure of intelligence that can be useful in a variety of clinical, educational, vocational and research settings. Appropriate for examinees as young as 4 years old and has old as 90 years old.

This professionally administered and scored brief IQ Test. This test has high Reliability and Validity. The test administration is completed in the 45-minute middle session.

Results yield a Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Composite IQ Score. The test session is to report and explain test results including a numerical score and percentile rank.

ADHD Test - Session - $125

This Audio ADHD Test is recognized by the American Psychiatric Association. It is Norm Referenced on American children from age 6 to 12, results deliver a numerical and pass/fail result. This test can also be administered to teens and adults.

Undiagnosed ADHD can prevent individuals from reaching their academic, social and emotional potential. Dr Gray has found that this test also has merit when administered to a person of any age.

The diagnosis of ADHD is not simple, especially if hyperactivity is not present. The focus and concentration components of ADHD can also present as symptoms of other common mental health issues. Therefore, individuals that have not been seen by one of SCCC Counselors, will be required to have at least 1 SCCC intake/pretest session. When indicated, a testing session will be scheduled. A post-test session will be used to report and explain test results.

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